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The Honorion Society of Arts and Culture was originally established in Munich at the end of the last century and represents now one of the leading Private Members' Clubs in Central Europe.

By entering the Member's Area, you expressly agree not to disclose any of the information contained within it to any person without a prior written permission by the Committee of the Honorion Society. Furthermore, you agree not to use any of the content for commercial purposes, including the list of the Society Members and their contact details. Failure to observe these Rules may lead to the expulsion from the Society.

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Contact: home'@'honorion.de

The Membership is open on an equal basis to men and women of not less than eighteen years of age, elected by ballot. This is not to imply that any person can become a Member. In this, as in many other areas of life, personal qualities are decisive. Sometimes it is an indication of suitability that a candidate has attainments or achievements of personal nature which would qualify him or her for Membership.

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